Saturday, March 24, 2007

Keep On Raining!

It's been raining all day and is it ever welcome! The whole state is dry and we need the moisture so keep it coming! My tulips are coming up and there are robins all over - spring is here! I am sooooo excited about going to see Eric Clapton on Friday! It will be a great weekend with my friend and there won't be any men to get in the way while we shop. Church tomorrow and we play bells so I need to get there early. I finally get my hair trimmed on Monday. I'm trying to grow it out a little bit and it's hard because of the strange waves I get! Hopefully I can work with it enough and have a different look, I've looked the same since 1980, I need a new do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm Still Here

Yes, it has been over a week since my last entry. It's been basically the "same old" but busy! Sunday I went to Sioux Falls to see the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart. It was very entertaining, I really like opera. We ate at the Olive Garden and the food was very good. I went to Weight Watchers this morning and did lose a scant .4 lb. Yes, that's point four pounds. I am really looking forward to the 30th, I'm going to Fargo to see Eric Clapton in concert. I'll also get to visit my daughter and my niece! It's going to be a fun weekend. We have church tonight and I think that we play bells, we have practice right before the service. Our weather today has been cloudy but on the warm side. I've seen a lot of robins around so I know spring is here! Hope your day is happy!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another beautiful day only a tad bit cooler, but still it felt nice! We had some more reports of gas leaks so there were more evacuations until things were fixed/sorted out. We've had a lot of temperature fluctuations this winter and that could be part of the problem. I guess we'll have to all be on the look (or should I say "smell") out for that nasty natural gas odor. Remember to attend church this Sunday, we're creeping closer and closer to Easter!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Long Day

It was Twins Tuesday today so I was busy! And it was a long day, too. I was there from 8am to 6pm! It was another beautiful day! Almost all the snow is gone, we are all celebrating spring and hoping it stays around. Nothing real exciting went on today. Tomorrow is Wednesday so we'll have Lenten services at church.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Quite a Nice Day

What a beautiful day! Warm enough for shirt sleeves! The motorcyclists were out in full force and there were a lot of convertible tops down. I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at church. There was a funeral and I helped in the kitchen with the meal. There were a lot of people in attendance. I went to Curves and visited with a lady that lives across the street from the house that exploded and she was home at the time. She had quite a story to tell. That was the extent of the day, very boring but sometimes boring is good!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Exploding House!

Well, Thursday started off with a bang, literally! Around 11:30 I heard this huge boom and the whole house shook, the windows rattles! The cat and I jumped about 10 feet! Then the sirens started all over and my neighbor walked outside. He said a house had exploded about 16 blocks from us. Fortunately nobody was injured or killed. The houses on both sides of the exploded house will have to be demolished because of so much structural damage. Apparently there was a leak or break in the natural gas pipe underground in front of the house. It sounds like the gas filled up in the basement and exploded. We drove by after church this morning and there's nothing left, just a big black hole with junk sticking out. It is a mess. Other than that our weather has been beautiful! It's hard to believe a week ago we were cleaning up after a blizzard. Now most of the snow has melted. Hopefully everyone remembered to "spring ahead"!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

No Sun

What a dreary day! No sun, just lots of clouds. I had errands to run so kept busy. This evening is the soup supper and Lenten service at church so I need to get ready for that. We have choir tonight but no bell choir. I think we might be singing in church but I don't remember. At least I know I'll be home early since all our pracitces are before the service. Tomorrow will be busy - I go to take care of my 2 girls, one is 5 and the other 3. I just bought "Peter Pan" so maybe we'll watch that and then do an art project. They both just love to do art! Have a good evening, I'll have more to share tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Working Day

I went to my twins' house today and were those two little people busy! They are 2 1/2 years old and in the midst of potty training. Their mother said they had been dry all day yesterday. Of course that came to a screeching halt today! Little JJ had 2 stinky diapers today (I'm glad I kept the pullup on him before breakfast and after nap) and wet his pants at lunch. LE wet once. There was a puddle on the floor and I didn't see it so I actually sat in part of it. So I got my sweats out of the car and wore them the rest of the day. I love them to death so it's more of an "oh, well" and let's keep on going. I get so tickled because they both love to change clothes. They go to their rooms and pick out anything and put it on. JJ had 3 shirts on this morning and LE had on pinks and purples that clashed. Their mother doesn't mind and it keeps them happy so we go through this changing clothes thing several times a day. I do enjoy the little stinkers and look forward to my Tuesdays with the Twins!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Back to the Regular

Today was cloudy, all day long, but it was much warmer than it had been. Everything was back to normal. We finally got a little bit of mail after 3 days with none. We'll probably get much more tomorrow. And tomorrow we could be seeing some sleet/freezing rain. I'm not looking forward to that. All in all today's been uneventful so I will close. Have a good evening!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

It's a Great Sunday!

Wow, sun all over today! We got up to go to first service at church and it was packed! Everybody was thanking God that the blizzard was over. My little people sang so well. I just love doing the singing with them. We're still clearing off the driveway, just the stuck on stuff. The sun gets part of it but we face the north so we don't get a lot of sun. All the snow is off of the roof, thanks to my husband, so we're all settled in for a quiet evening.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's a bright, sunny day! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, people are out moving, life is good! The rest of the week looks great with above freezing temps so the snow will melt. It's great!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow

It's still snowing and blowing! We've gotten over 16 inches so far and it's still coming down. We are told that this should all be done by 6am Saturday morning. We're not starting the snowblower again until tomorrow, when the snow stops. I hear the beer sales are way up in our area!

It's supposed to quit tomorrow morning

Day 3 and it's still snowing and blowing! We have interstates and most other roads/highways closed. I'm glad we're safe inside and hope everyone else is, too. We can still get around in town and we have 4-wheel-drive so going to the grocery store isn't too bad. We haven't had any mail as none of the trucks can come in or go out. This is the biggest storm we've had since the humdinger in '97. I haven't heard of anyone getting stranded so maybe we can get through this without any fatalities.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

More snow

Well, it's finally quit snowing but the wind is blowing like crazy! My husband has used the snowblower today and with the prediction of another blizzard coming through tonight, I suppose he'll be using it again tomorrow. I think we've gotten about 16 inches so far and who knows how much more we'll get tonight and tomorrow. Our birds are eating and eating so we've filled all the feeders 3 times and the squirrels are eating their fill, too. We've had a pretty mild winter so I guess we're just catching up. As the old saying goes, if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. It that's true we should have a terrific end of March.