Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Exploding House!

Well, Thursday started off with a bang, literally! Around 11:30 I heard this huge boom and the whole house shook, the windows rattles! The cat and I jumped about 10 feet! Then the sirens started all over and my neighbor walked outside. He said a house had exploded about 16 blocks from us. Fortunately nobody was injured or killed. The houses on both sides of the exploded house will have to be demolished because of so much structural damage. Apparently there was a leak or break in the natural gas pipe underground in front of the house. It sounds like the gas filled up in the basement and exploded. We drove by after church this morning and there's nothing left, just a big black hole with junk sticking out. It is a mess. Other than that our weather has been beautiful! It's hard to believe a week ago we were cleaning up after a blizzard. Now most of the snow has melted. Hopefully everyone remembered to "spring ahead"!!!

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