Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Working Day

I went to my twins' house today and were those two little people busy! They are 2 1/2 years old and in the midst of potty training. Their mother said they had been dry all day yesterday. Of course that came to a screeching halt today! Little JJ had 2 stinky diapers today (I'm glad I kept the pullup on him before breakfast and after nap) and wet his pants at lunch. LE wet once. There was a puddle on the floor and I didn't see it so I actually sat in part of it. So I got my sweats out of the car and wore them the rest of the day. I love them to death so it's more of an "oh, well" and let's keep on going. I get so tickled because they both love to change clothes. They go to their rooms and pick out anything and put it on. JJ had 3 shirts on this morning and LE had on pinks and purples that clashed. Their mother doesn't mind and it keeps them happy so we go through this changing clothes thing several times a day. I do enjoy the little stinkers and look forward to my Tuesdays with the Twins!

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