Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Home Again

What a ride! I spent last week in Iowa with my son. We had a great time! I met some of his co-workers and had supper with them! He is playing cricket so we went to Des Moines for a cricket match. He wasn't playing that day but it was definitely fun to watch. My husband came on Saturday so he went to the cricket match with us. After that we went to the new mall in Des Moines, wandered around and had lunch. We left Iowa on Monday and headed for Omaha. My husband had meetings so we were there until Wednesday noon. Boy did we eat! My gosh we were fed very well, in fact too much! It felt good to finally get home and just eat when you were hungry. Our cat was very glad to see us. It's a beautiful day here and we still have the windows open! No AC today, we're breathing fresh air!

Have a good one!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest in Peace and Start Anew

It is so sad to attend a funeral because you have lost a loved on, even if it's an older person. It was a sad occasion but we were surrounded by family we hadn't seen in several years and that is very special. I have always thought that funerals were more for the living than the dead. Once we have ended our life on this Earth we are immediately taken to spend eternity with God. The funeral is for our Earthly bodies to finalize our end here. People gather together and mourn for the deceased. After the funeral we all share a meal and rejoice in the fact that we are all together once again for fellowship. If only we could join together like this for births, baptisms and weddings.

I am now in Iowa with my son. We'd been talking about me staying with him for a while this summer and this seemed to work out just right. I rode with him and my husband will pick me up this coming weekend and we'll go to NE for a 3-day meeting. It's a long time away from home for me but at least we'll be dealing with only 1 car and not 2. There's a Curves here and Weight Watchers so I'll be getting in my exercise and continuing to count my points.

Praying that God will keep you all safe!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The End of the Trail

It's been a long and happy life for my 97-year-old mother-in-law. She peacefully passed away on Sat. June 9 with her family surrounding her. The funeral is this Friday so once again we will head north for our last visit with Ruth. We are praying for good weather and safe travel as we turn and go to ND.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Quick Trip

Everyone got home safely and then Friday morning we left for Rapid City. It's quite a drive but with the 4 of us nobody got too tired from driving. The wedding was wonderful! I am so glad we were there to share in T & L's happiness! On the way back home we stopped at the famous Wall Drug and had lunch. We've stopped there a few times before but it has been quite a while ago. It was fun.

Today my daughter headed back to ND and my son took off heading east for IA. My husband went north to ND to visit his mother, she's in a home, is 97 and not doing too well. We think she might have shingles - ugh!

It was fun to have the 4 of us together again for a bit.

The drive to Rapid and back was beautiful! They've had a lot of rain west river so all the fields were green for a change. There's been a severe drought out there for quite a while so all the rain was welcomed.

I'm home alone for a couple of days so will get a lot of cleaning and laundry done! Also the grass needs to be mowed and my husband left me in charge, hmmm, now if we get rain tomorrow.......