Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Has it been that long...

Wow, didn't realize that it had been over a month since my last entry! Well, my daughter-in-law is here, legally with a social security # and a green card. It took a year but at least she won't be sent back to England! We're planning to visit them the end of this month and we'll probably be there for Easter, too.

Our weather has been cold and with the gas prices up we're spending a small fortune on heat. At least we're warm.

I spend all morning in the ER a couple of weeks ago. I had a horrible nose bleed and the big guns had to be called in. Our local ENT came in and zapped me a few times to get it to stop. We now sleep with a humidifier in the bedroom and my husband says it has even improved my snoring. What a deal! I think I'm sleeping better, too.

To day is Ash Wednesday so I hope most of you will either attend a church service this evening or give some deep thought to the meaning of Lent. What are you giving up for Lent? I think I will give up desserts. I need to get back in the swing at Weight Watchers, too plus go back to Curves. My body is starting to rebel against all the bad things I have been doing to it. Better choices when eating and more exercise are definitely the things I need to work on.

Oh, I got a new phone, a LG enV and it's orange!

God is here, celebrate, fill the world with joy. Dance your dance, sing your song,
Fill the world with joy!