Friday, July 6, 2007

Leaving Again

It was nice to be home for a while but now we're getting ready to fly to Chicago next Wednesday. Our plane leaves at 6am so we'll have to be on the road around 3:30 or 4, ugh! My husband has more meetings so off we go again.

We'll have about 3 weeks at home and then we'll go to Kansas for my family reunion. That will be fun as I will get to see a lot of my cousins. I think our daughter is going to drive down with us. She hasn't been there in over 10 years! Our son will be staying in Iowa and we hope his wife will be with him by then. She's in England waiting for her permanent visa to come back over here.

Not much going on. The 4th was hot so we stayed inside and watched fireworks on tv. We did cook out, hotdogs, and they were very good. Our butcher recommended Lane's hotdogs and they were tasty!

"Have you thanked the Lord?
Have you praised God's name?
Don't you know that no tomorrow is quite the same?
Have you thanked the Lord?
Have you knelt in prayer,
and rejoiced that, rain or sunshine, our God is there?"

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