Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Home Again

What a ride! I spent last week in Iowa with my son. We had a great time! I met some of his co-workers and had supper with them! He is playing cricket so we went to Des Moines for a cricket match. He wasn't playing that day but it was definitely fun to watch. My husband came on Saturday so he went to the cricket match with us. After that we went to the new mall in Des Moines, wandered around and had lunch. We left Iowa on Monday and headed for Omaha. My husband had meetings so we were there until Wednesday noon. Boy did we eat! My gosh we were fed very well, in fact too much! It felt good to finally get home and just eat when you were hungry. Our cat was very glad to see us. It's a beautiful day here and we still have the windows open! No AC today, we're breathing fresh air!

Have a good one!

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