Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hooray! My son and daughter-in-law got email and written confirmation that their papers are being processed and have passed! Now all they need is the interview at the American Embassy in London! We are getting closer!

What a bunch of rotten weather we've had. We were at a wedding on Saturday evening and had no idea that there was a tornado warning for our immediate area! The emergency sirens weren't working in the north part of town so we just went right along with the wedding totally unaware that we should be seeking shelter. Thankfully the tornado went east of us. The tornado did hit east of town and did some damage to houses and farm buildings but there were no injuries. The river is to exceed flood stage by the end of the week and it is very high right now! I drove out to one of my jobs this morning and had to turn around and take a different route because the road was flooded! I couldn't even see the bridge! It sounds like we could get more storms this coming weekend. We are praying that they won't be severe. Keep the survivors and victims of the Greensburg, KS storm in your prayers.

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