Sunday, April 29, 2007

Earthquake in England!

Wow, my daughter-in-law called from England and they were in the county of Kent that had the earthquake Sat. morning. She felt it, their house shook for about 30 seconds! Please say a prayer for her, she is waiting for her papers to be processed and for the call to go to the US Embassy in London for an interview so she can move over here and be with her husband (my son). He is lonely and missing her as she is him. Other than that, it has been very quiet around here. Today is a beautiful day and my husband is out delivering seed (dragging his little trailer behind him)! I think we're going to grill when he gets home. It's light out until 8:00 now. It would be nice to have this much light in the winter when we only get about 9 hours of daylight. Thank God for life!

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