Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Celebrate Easter

Boy did it get cold! We'd had such nice warm weather and now it's below freezing and supposed to get into the teens tonight. Brrrrr! Friday we're off to Iowa to spend Easter with our son. He's providing the menu and I'm cooking. His wife is English and is waiting for all her papers to be processed so she can move over here. She was here for 90 days after they were married (in England) and now waits for the US to determine if all her papers are in order so she can rejoin her husband and get a green card. She's an elementary teacher and would like to teach in the US. Right now she's living in Dover, England with her parents until the US Embassy in London calls and requests her presence for an interview. We're hoping things will move quickly and she'll be over here by summer. We would appreciate any prayers on her behalf. Have a spectacular Easter!

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