Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Been HOW LONG???!!!

The past 6-8 weeks we have had rain and rain and rain! Our grass looks great! We've mowed about 3 times every 2 weeks. Finally we've had a week or 2 of dry days so the farmers are getting back in their fields again and my husband is back delivering seed fast and furious.

My daughter-in-law got her drivers license! And on the very first try! For those of you who don't know, she is English so grew up driving on the left side of the road instead of the right.

My daughter's thyroid came out fine. It was huge but healthy. She goes back for her post op this week and she says she is feeling just fine! We'll be back in ND at the end of the month for a friend's wedding.

I might be getting a new family with 3 kiddies! They have a baby that is just 8 weeks old! Fun! That would make 3 families and I would be kept pretty busy.

I'm sick of the presidential campaigns already, can't we just vote now and get it over with? I'm a conservative Republican and proud of it.

We need to keep God in our country. We need to keep God in our hearts. We need God, period.

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