Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Been A Long Time!

Since my last post we have been to Iowa to visit our son and daughter-in-law, to North Dakota to visit our daughter and back to Iowa for Easter. We got snowed in in Iowa for a day but did make it home safely. There was more snow in North Dakota. We went to Grand Forks to a Fighting Sioux vs St. Cloud hockey game. It was a tie but a very good game. The Engelstad Arena is marvelous!

We spent Easter in Iowa last year and again this year. My daughter-in-law and I went shopping on Saturday and had a super time. We didn't buy much but had a grand time just looking around. We had ham for Easter dinner and everyone ate way too much!

Upon arriving at home, we were greeted by a leaking hot water heater. We now have a brand new one that does not leak.

There is more snow in our forecast and we just lost what we had. Yes, I guess it is spring as the snow keeps falling.

A smile is a language understood by all persons.

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