Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween's Over

We didn't get trick-or-treated to death this year. There just weren't too many kids out and about. I think there are getting to be more and more church activities, school activities and a lot of trunk-or-treat gatherings going on now. We have lot of left-overs so I'll leave all that candy for my husband to eat!

It you get a chance, go to and search for Zucchero. He is an Italian blues singer and is quite good. He's got an interesting look about him, too. He sang with Luciano Pavarotti at some of the benefits for children.

No daughter-in-law here yet. She got her very last round of papers sent in to the American Embassy in London so we're hoping she'll get here soon. Maybe for Christmas? Who knows.

Let's pray for lower oil prices.

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