Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today is John Lennon's birthday and he would be 67 years old. Imagine, a Beatle, being that old! Wow, Ringo turned 67 in July. Paul was 65 in June and George is the youngest and he would be 64 until next Feb.

Speaking of the English, we went to see Elton John on Sunday evening. What a concert, it was great beyond words. He played and sang for 2 1/2 hours with no break. He concluded his concert with my favourite: Your Song.

I just found out that my daughter and her fella will probably be here for Christmas! Last year they were in ND. Now if my daughter-in-law can get over here (cut through all the legal red tape) maybe she will be coming here, too. Please say prayers for the American Embassy in London to call her in for her interview so she can move here to be with her husband, my son. Their first anniversary is the end of this month and they would like to be together again by then.

Remember: F. R. O. G. Fully rely on GOD.

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